Led by TandemVision actors, career coaches, and independent filmmakers, our workshops provide personalized support and guidance for actors and self-producers.


This workshop explores both the technical and emotional aspects of the audition process to help actors walk into each audition feeling confident, empowered, and present.

Current students and coaching clients have recently booked roles on Broadway, in regional houses, and on Films and TV shows such as Blue Bloods, FBI, Law & Order, Gravesend, Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, and more.



Get your head in the game. Mindset can make or break an audition. This is why our coaches are dedicated to helping actors foster an empowered and positive mindset so that the audition process is as enjoyable as that feeling we get when we get to act in a dream role.


With most auditions currently being held virtually and through self-tape, it is vital that every actor has a professional audition setup.

In this workshop, you will learn tips to film your own professional quality auditions without breaking the bank.


Learn how to prepare for auditions in a way that sets you up for success. We will explore what casting expects from a professional audition, ways to stand out from the crowd, traps to look out for, and more.


During the workshop, participants will be given various amounts of time to prepare and perform, on camera, multiple types of TV & Film auditions.  Each practice audition will include coaching and feedback.


6 PM - 9 PM ET




Bethany Kay

Bethany got her wit from thirteen years of Catholic school, her smirk from her Jersey family, and her curves from a very healthy love of her mom's tortellini with lemon cream sauce. 

When she's not working on shows like Boardwalk Empire, Difficult People, Gotham, and Dietland, she is probably creating some devised theatre and clowning projects with friends or lending her business sense to any number of coaching clients she helps to make sense of this show business life: current clients have appeared on Broadway and in regional houses as well as on significant arcs onscreen. Recent: I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE (Dir. Derek Cianfrance), MURDERVILLE (InstaMiniseries), Upcoming: PUDDYSTICKS (opp. Dan Bakkedahl), THE LIST (Universal opp. Clark Backo), BOOK FAIR (with TandemVision) | contact

Jayme Woj

Jayme is an actor, independent filmmaker, and fight choreographer. At times he also sings while covered in body paint as his musical alter ego, maybesoon. Acting credits include Gravesend (Amazon), Heartbeat (NBC), Underemployed (MTV), The cult horror film, "The Diabolical," and Hamlet at The Globe Theatre.

As a filmmaker, Jayme has self-produced multiple award-winning independent films and mini-series. He also loves helping and encouraging other actors to make their own projects. "Self-producing is one of the best tools actors have to empower themselves and their careers."

Jayme currently serves as a master instructor and fight coordinator for the Academy of Theatrical Combat. With more than 15 years of experience in swordplay, Aikido, Arnis, and hand-to-hand combat for the screen, his work as an action actor and fight designer includes credits on multiple Star Wars and Disney projects, Netflix’s Fuller House, The Globe’s Hamlet, and more.